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California Baby Super Sensitive Bubble Bath

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Age: Newborn and older
For Use: Gentle enough for baby's first bath. May be used everyday by children and adults with sensitive skin.
Scent: No fragrance or scent masking agents.

Product description: California Baby Super Sensitive Bubble Bath eschews essential oils in favor of pure, unscented bubbles. This bubble bath has been specially created for those who love bubble baths but have very sensitive skin or cannot tolerate any fragrance. No fragrance means allergy sufferers and those following homeopathic regimens can enjoy bubble baths safely. California Baby bubble baths are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, DEA, synthetic fragrances or synthetic additives for no tears, non-irritating, biodegradable bubbles. Children (and adults!) love bubble baths--so we make them safe and of course a bubble wand is included for frolicking and extra fun!

Highly recommended by leading dermatologists and allergists for their patients with chemical sensitivities and fragrance intolerance.

A note from Jessica, developer of California Baby: Bubble baths are great fun, but they also serve a useful purpose: they keep your bath water warm by providing a blanket of fluffy bubbles, not allowing heat to escape. I have timed my baths with and without bubbles and have found that a bathtub full of bubbles will keep the water warmer by about 15 minutes--that's a lot when it's cold outside! Without any oils to weigh this bubble bath down, it just may be our top bubble producer! I feel very proud that our bubble baths are used by children and adults who tend to get yeast infections (with other bubble baths), but have reported absolutely none with California Baby! Our Super Sensitive bubble bath is the solution for those who cannot tolerate fragrance, have very sensitive skin, or would like mix to their own essential oils into the bath. Enjoy!

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